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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date THREE – Lost in my Nylons SFX

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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date THREE – Lost in my Nylons SFX
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Tags: giantess, nylons, giantess sfx, feet, foot fetish, crush, tiny man, dating, Lady Loryelle
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Tiny man adventures at my giantess nylon covered feet

I have already my third date with Thomas. He has already told me, that he loves nylon stockings, so I welcome him wearing a sexy lingerie outfit with nylons. Too bad he says something stupid like: “You are exactly the woman I was looking for. Beautiful, intelligent and of course I was looking for a younger woman I can discipline and mould to my expectations and needs.” That was a bad mistake. I’m not the submissive part in a relationship.

Time to shrink this little fool down to ant-size using my witch powers and show him who’s the boss. Poor tiny Thomas has to explore my body, especially my giantess nylon covered legs. He is scared and tries to escape, but he is too small. So I dance for him, to scare him with my platform high heel sandals, force him to worship my mountain sized, sweaty nylon covered feet and tease him with his tiny size.

I ask him, if he enjoys to be my tiny foot pet, but he is too small, so I can’t hear what the tiny sock lint has to say. He has to stand between my huge nylon soles, which could easily squish him at any time. He has to climb my huge nylon covered sole and drink my divine goddess’ foot sweat. I also take one of my nylons off, that he can crawl under my overhanging toenail and tell him: “There is some delicious toejam under your goddess toenails and it’s all for you.” How humiliating.

Finally I throw him into my nylon stocking and put it back on, so that he helplessly gets pressed into my giant soft sole by my nylon stocking. Then I put my platform sandal back on…

Loryelle’s Dating Diary

This is the third chapter of a series, called “Loryelle’s Dating Diary”. Every episode has another special fetish in focus. I’ve planned so far breascrush *Date ONE*, barefoot *Date TWO*, nylons *this one*, boots, butt crush, vore, belly crush, socks, hand crush, eventually body exploration … if you want to add something to this list (no nudity), just let me know. ;-)


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