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Jamie & Cleos Little Smoke Break Adventure - VR 360 4K

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Jamie & Cleos Little Smoke Break Adventure - VR 360 4K
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: FOOT DOMINATION, CRUSH, SMOKING, VIRTUAL REALITY - VR, FOOT FETISH Keywords: Jamie Valentine, Cleo, feet, toes, Giantess, Shrinking, Virtual Reality 360, Smoking Fetish, Crush, Stomping
Description :     Cleo & Jamie Valentine are on vacation in Miami. They've just got back to their condo after a night of clubbing and want a quick relaxing smoke break on the balcony. You've been stuck out on that balcony all night waiting for anyone to come and find you. These two don't see you at first as their huge heels dangle above you as they puff away on their cigarettes. They take off their heels and now their huge barefeet are inches from your face. They finally spot you and are shocked at your tiny size. They wiggle their giant toes right in fromt of your face. Maybe you'd like to join them smoking as they inhale and puff out smoke in your face. They make you rub their giant feet before finally decided to squash you under foot!

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