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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date TWO – Crushing You Softly SFX

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Loryelle’s Dating Diary – Date TWO – Crushing You Softly SFX
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Tags: giantess, feet, foot fetish, giantess sfx, special effects, Loryelle, Lady Loryelle
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Tiny man foot worship and crush
I have a date with Charlie, but he doesn't seem to appear. I have no clue that he is already there, shrunken at my feet. He tries to get my attention with a phone call, but his voice is so low, that I can hardly hear him. This leads to some misunderstanding. Finally I find tiny Charlie on the floor at my toes and decide to make him my foot toy. I enjoy the evening with forcing him to massage, kiss and lick my stinky giantess feet. Poor tiny Charlie complains several times how my feet smell, while he has to worship them. He begs for re-enlargement, but he should have better begged for his life. I finally crush him with my bare feet.

Loryelle's Dating Diary
This is the second chapter of a series, called "Loryelle's Dating Diary". Every episode has another special fetish in focus. I've planned so far breascrush *check*, barefoot *this one*, nylons, boots, butt crush, vore, belly crush, socks, hand crush, eventually body exploration ... if you want to add something to this list (no nudity), just let me know. ;-)


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