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Loryelle and the Shrunken Gangster Bosses POV SFX

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Loryelle and the Shrunken Gangster Bosses POV SFX
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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, hand fetish, foot domination, Loryelle, POV
Description :    

I shrink three gangster bosses and torture them

Three gangster bosses come together to celebrate their success in conquering the whole city. They want me to dance for them on their party, but I have other plans. I want to take over their whole business. Therefore I shrink them down. I let them suffer at my smelly, sweaty, dirty giantess feet for all the years, they have exploited me as their kinky dancer. Watch me as I enjoy my revenge.


This clip has around 70% POV shots. Watch my dirty, smelly dancer feet and shoes coming down on the helpless, ant-sized, little you again and again. I also tease you with my boobs, butt and hands from the POV angle. Around 25% of the clip are SFX shots, showing the tiny gangster bosses at my mountain sized feet. One gets crushed by my plateau sandal, one gets vored and the last one gets stepped on by my barefoot.

I often got asked to show more POVs in my clips, so if you enjoy POV shots, with a giant woman stepping on you, this clip is for you!


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