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Jasmine Raquel & Gigi STOMPED out! - VR 4K HD

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Jasmine Raquel & Gigi STOMPED out! - VR 4K HD
Running Time:
7 Minutes

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Tags: Giantess, Virtual Reality 270, feet, foot fetish, stomping, shrinking fetish
Description :     You're one wish was the be shrunken and used and abused by three amazing Dommes. As you open your eyes you suddenly see the horrifying view of three Giantess women towering over you! Not just any three but three very cruel ones in Jasmine Mendez, Raquel Roper and MILF GiGi! They knew all about your fetish and how badly you wanted to be shrunken. Now you've got your wish and you're in big trouble to say the least! They huge feet loom over your teeny body. They could crush you at anytime at this size. You're frozen in fear as they play with you under their feet pondering just when is the right time to squash you flat!

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