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360 VR - Tortured Under Your Valley Girl Students Feet

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360 VR - Tortured Under Your Valley Girl Students Feet
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: VR, 360, barefoot, barefeet, crush, shoes, in shoe,
Description :     Get tormented under the hot sweaty feet of a valley girl who is happy to have shrunk her teacher. She wants to make sure her suffers though! Treated like a bug being tortured at this girls feet you'll even experience being in Regina's shoe and under her humid, smelly, socked foot. In the end though she squashes her teacher's tiny body. All the while being cute and ditzy. Get crushed by your student and even enjoy an outtake at the end in our latest 360 VR adventure! This one is really awesome! Her fluffy pink socks, her wrinkled soles, each booming footstep, enjoy it all as Regina delights in your torment at her feet!

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