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360 VR - Unaware Of Her Shrunken Friend POV

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360 VR - Unaware Of Her Shrunken Friend POV
Running Time:
6 Minutes

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Tags: unaware, barefoot, sneakers, crush
Description :     Shrunken on the ground, kat's friend nervously looks up at her towering friend. She can't do anything as her titanic friend walks overtop of her, completely unaware that she's so tiny in the dirt. First kat has her shoes on but then she decides to take them off. Trodding around overhead barefoot, it's a horrific sight as kat's tiny friend fears for her life. Will she be accidentally stepped on and squashed under her own nerdy friend's massive sole? In the end that's exactly what happens. Wondering what she stepped on, kat walks back and puts her foot over the crushed body of her friend. It's actually a really cool ending as kat really does trod down upon the camera!

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