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Loryelle’s Ex-Boyfriend Collection SFX – Complete

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Loryelle’s Ex-Boyfriend Collection SFX – Complete
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Tags: giantess sfx, special effects, giantess, feet, hand fetish, foot domination
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The complete Story contains:

Part ONE – Gentle Giantess Hand Fetish
My boyfriends were always too busy, to spend some time with me, because of their jobs and careers. So I decided to shrink them and keep them as my tiny pets. The shrunken men have to dance with my giant hand and climb on it for my entertainment. But the tiny guys are ungrateful and try to escape …

Part TWO – Mean Giantess Foot Fetish
My tiny ex-boyfriends I've kept in a box escape in the garden. I follow them and show them what it means to be 1 inch tall at the mercy of my feet. I hunt them down and humiliate them with my giant bare feet. Booming steps included! ;-)


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