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Intruders on Giantess Mountain - part3 - bare feet

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Intruders on Giantess Mountain - part3 - bare feet
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Tags: giantess, tiny people, village, cars, foot fetish, dirty feet, foot humiliation
Description :     Giantess humiliates the tiny settlers with her bare feet. Some more tiny settlers are getting humiliated and squished under my angry giantess bare feet. They have to suffer between my toes and I force them to worship me. I also vore some of them. I destroy their church, to make them pray to me as their new goddess and capture a little diver, who has tried to escape through the nearby river. I remove my dress and bury the tiny town under it. This is one of my most revealing clips. You may expect from this part: + Audio FX car crush, screaming people, booming steps + dirty bare feet close-ups + humiliating talking + me in underwear Please note: This is part 3 of 3, where I show my bare feet. Some of you really waited long on the bare foot part. Finally it is here. ;-) Part 1 – boots and Part 2 – Nylon Socks are already available at the known stores.

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