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Raynne and Niles - The School Project

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Raynne and Niles - The School Project
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: vore, mouth, throat, swallow, soft vore
Description :     Niles apparently got around a LOT before his untimely demise when Auden forgot about him in her stomach. Take a trip back to another Niles adventure, this time focused on newcomer Raynne! Word had gotten around school that Auden and Niles were... close. So Niles jumps at the chance to fulfill his vore fantasy with someone who isn't his sister. While it sounds like Raynne wants to do this for a school project, her motives seem questionable as the two talk their way through an awkward exchange. Does Raynne have a crush on Niles? Under the guise of a school project where Niles could even record video of the inside of Raynne's tummy, you'll be treated to mouth views, a look at Raynne's belly from the outside... and then you'll be swallowed down in yet another 3D CGI scene into her stomach! Join in and go on a trip into the belly of our latest model!

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