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Amazon Lisa Lusche Rescues Her Friends

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Amazon Lisa Lusche Rescues Her Friends
Running Time:
23 Minutes

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Tags: army men, high heels,
Description :     After several years Amazon Lisa Lusche returns to Canadian Giantess with this huge custom video order! Many of the tiny women Lisa has become friends with have been captured by small army men! She won't stand for this and gets to crushing them with her high heels which make her even TALLER than the impressive 6'4'' she was before! With a mix of traditional bendy army men and a couple sets of brittle breakable ones too, this video has a lot to offer. There's even a cleavage squish and butt crush scene near the end! When all seems resolved though, all the tiny girls are captured again! Misty, the voice actress of Amanda from FantaSize, joins Lisa as they take down the last of the army men once and for all! Thanks to this being a custom video order, there's even a HUGE discount as well!

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