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Wish you were never born - SFX Epic

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Wish you were never born - SFX Epic
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Tags: giantess, pov, toes, feet, joi, cum countdown, sfx, vore, micro, nylons, ground shakes
Description :     Stella liberty is the perfect girlfriend. she is beautiful, smart, sexy, and she even puts up - and likes! - her kinky boyfriend's perverted fantasies. when she finds his diary and discover his secret shrinking fantasy, she will go out of her way to fulfill it and make his deepest desires come true. its all good...until she finds out that he was cheating on her... Stella liberty is one of the best actresses to step in our giantess doorway. in this epic SFX you will find tons of amazing scenes, including: foot fetish pov Joi shrinking ground shakes booming sounds/sound fx hand held soles worship between toes toenails licking in-nylons hide & seek gentle/evil giantess micro vore crush

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