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Deeanes abuse of her tiny student (SFX)

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Deeanes abuse of her tiny student (SFX)
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Description :    

Deeane is a young and sexy school teacher. She is known for always making students interested in her classroom and obtaining good results with her teaching methods. Its sunday afternoon and Deeane is sitting at her desk correcting the classes` testpapers. Johnny has always been an exceptional student. Very disappointed with his paper, Deeane sighs. She will probably have to fail Johnny this semester. Camera moves on the floor and we see a tiny man very close to Deeane`s feet. Its Johnny!! He shrunk himself to spy on teacher Dee to see how she would correct his test paper. He was planning to climb up on the table, but his luck runs out and Deeane drops her pen on the floor. Baffled, she recognizes tiny Johhny. How did he get in her house? How long had he been spying on her? She picks up Johnny and puts him on the desk. Its obvious he is here concerning the test paper.. So he is aware of his situation.Intreagued, teacher Deeane realised that no one actually knows that little Johnny is there so she could practically do anything to him!! Why not starting with a foot massage? After all,little Johnny is ready to do anything to please his teacher and pass this exam. Johny gives Deeane a great foot massage. Pleased,she puts him back on the floor thinking to let him go. Quickly,she changes her mind and requests another foot massage. Why not,after all, Johnny had done such a great job! Still, Deeane has tricked Johhny. She decided not to pass him, or let him leave. She slowly lowers her massive foot upon his puny body sealing his fate forever! After all, if Johnny didnt study, why should he get away that easy?


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