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Evil Asian Super Girl

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Evil Asian Super Girl
Running Time:
13 minutes

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Tags: pov, amazon
Description :     I am a normal sized... maybe even considered small by some... Asian girl. But there's something different about me. I wasn't made the same as everyone else. I have super-human strength! Life is soooo much easier now that I've discovered this. I've been wreaking havoc on my city. I went to the local zoo and picked up an elephant and dropped it on some poor, defenseless people! Mere mortals... The police tried to stop me; they even sent the army in with their silly tanks. I stopped the tank with my barefoot! One small bare foot... but I can channel all my strength into it. I can cause earthquakes with one stomp of my foot. I can pick up an aircraft carrier with each hand! I love having so much strength and power over everyone. I'm practically a natural disaster!

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