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Under Pressure

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Under Pressure
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: doll, gentle, handheld, thighs, legs, skirt
Description :     This was a custom Request:
I would like to make a custom request of a video. I was thinking about 6 min and no FX, just a tiny doll man and a model. The story would be that She gets home from with her shrunken man that she was at a date with. And then she knew he was Always looking at her legs and especially the thighs. So she ask him to worship her thighs (She Always says like "babe" and "Darling" to the tiny man, being really sweettalk") And after a lil while she ask if he wants to feel how strong they are. So she gently starts to squeeze him with her thighs.And she build the pressure tighter and tighter and Close to the end of the clip, she accidentally squeezed too tight and crushes him. Oops! I would that the model would be Dee, she is really Amazing!

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