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Dee shrinks and loves her man.

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Dee shrinks and loves her man.
Running Time:
18 minutes

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Tags: doll, erotic, pov, handheld, feet, sandals
Description :     This was a custom Request:
Dee is my girlfriend who just gets back home from getting a pedicure. She is wearing a skirt and flip flops. She tells me there is something she wants to talk to me about. She tells me while I was at work she found my giantess videos on my computer. She says she also found a bunch of pictures of her feet on my computer taken while she was asleep. She tells me likes to please me and wants to try it out. While she was away she slipped a potion into my lunch. And it starts to kick in and I shrink down to doll size (pov).
I try to run but she snatches my up in her hands and brings me up to her face. She asks how I like her giant fingers wrapped around my body. She kisses me and runs her finger on my crotch area. She smiles and comments on how hard my cock is. She then pulls my pants completely off and starts stroke me with her fingers. She says I shouldn't hide my fantasies from her. She says she actually like the feeling of total control she has. Admitting that she likes it as well. She licks her lips while smiling at me. She then proceeds to give me a blowjob for a bit.
Finally she says she wants to fuse my two fantasies. She says since I love her feet so much she is going to please me with them. She lays me in the ground and teases me with her flip flops. She then starts to rub her soles all over my naked body. She asks if I am in heaven with her feet. She says she loves having me under them in her control. She gives me a toe job to finish me off. She says as long as I am nice to her she will give me this treatment once a week.

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