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Pityful Boyfriend Transformation

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Pityful Boyfriend Transformation
Running Time:
6.5 minutes

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Description :     My boyfriend has become addicted to my powers of turning him into my panties so he can be with me all day. But it's gotten out of hand. He hasn't been to work in over a week now. I break up with him. But it's like he doesn't even care about me! He begs me to turn into my panties. Pityful! I tell him I know exactly what I will turn him into. I zap him with my powers. He drops to the floor. I describe how he must be feeling. Smooth and lubricated all packageded inside a little wrapper. I tell him I will be meeting a new man and this will be a good way for you and him to get acquintated! No more panties for you. A new journey lies a"head" What did I turn you into?

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