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Hallucination Turns Into Vorarephilia

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Hallucination Turns Into Vorarephilia
Running Time:
7.5 minutes

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Description :     You and I have been deserted on an island for who knows how long now. We have lost track. We are so thirsty and hungry. We wonder if we will ever be rescued. The sun is beating so hot on me, the hunger pangs intense. I start to hallucinate and look over to find you looking like a delicious spit fire chicken! I lick my lips, I'm so hungry. I lick you to taste, mmmm so good then start taking bites out of you. The burnt skin so good! I love all the juicy fat! I rip and tear and eat you up like it will be my last dinner! I then pick up the last piece of you showing you close up POV of my mouth devouring the last of you!

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