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A dirty Photographer

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A dirty Photographer
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: feet, sfx, crush, pov,
Description :     A dirty photographer invited a beautiful girl Alina for erotic photography. But he dared to harass to her. Alina shrunk bad photographer and now he is standing on the floor pathetic and helpless in front of her big gorgeous body. Alina takes off her shoe on one foot and presses little photographer with her divine foot to the floor. She likes to look like a small insignificant man gasping and suffering under her giant heavy foot. Alina is very excited thinking about she crushes live little man under her foot, breaks his small bones. She masturbates her pussy when she crushing the little helpless man with her foot. Alina finally decides to rid the unfortunate photographer from suffering. She squashes poor guy harder, breaking his last bones and squeezing out his guts. Alina was cum looking at the remains of the dirty photographer.

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