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Crushed Dreamer SFX

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Crushed Dreamer SFX
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Tags: shoes, sfx, crush, pov,
Description :     A one pervert dreamed about crushed by the beautiful woman. He often looked crash-videos and dreamed to be in place of miserable creatures that are easily crushed by girls. His desire was so strong that one day he just was shrunk to the incredibly small size. He realized that it was his destiny and sneaked into the apartment of a girl. Little pervert climbed into the shoes of an unknown girl and waited. She spotted him when she wanted to put on shoes. The giantess realized what is wanted a little man. But she decided to do it how she likes it - slowly and painfully for the little pervert. She let him to lick her huge dirty feet. Then she stood on him barefoot. Small man writhes in pain, he no longer think it's so enjoyable. She breaks his legs. Giantess still wants to make fun of him. She puts on her sexy sandals and steps with her high heels to his penis. A little more stomps him with her shoe. While he has not died from the pain, giantess puts her heel on his little head. Exhausted little pervert in a panic, his head pressed to the floor a huge heel. Last seconds and his head explodes from the enormous pressure of giantesses heel. It is just a fun for her. She steps on a small body again with all sole. Little pervert just turned into a stain like he was dreaming.

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