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Swallow Surprise

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Swallow Surprise
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Tags: crush, giantess, feet,
Description :     Penny has invited you over for a drink. How can you resist her looking as hot as she does. She has on a tight tube top, and a tight skirt revealing her sexy stomach. She gives you a drink, which makes you even more at her mercy. You begin to get smaller and smaller until you are staring up at the giant beauty. You see from the eyes of the tiny man and from a 3rd person perspective as Penny toys with her tiny friend. He is given a grand tour of her body, with extra emphasis on her tummy and tongue. She smothers him with kisses, and decides to torment you more by seductively licking whipped cream, chocolate and cherries just for you. She covers you with them while you watch her giant mouth approach. Penny confesses her ultimate fantasy of swallowing a tiny man alive, which she prepares you for by giving you a belly dance. Her red lips cover you as you are gulped down and travel to her stomach This Video is sold in 6 parts 7 minutes each

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