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Expanding From Halloween Growth Candies

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Expanding From Halloween Growth Candies
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Description :     All Auden wanted to do was trick or treat. The only lady who would give her candy though was some witch. At home already, Auden dives into what candy she did get only to find out that she can't stop eating it! Her stomach starts expanding shortly after that and eventually she realizes all of her is growing! Tearing away at her shirt, Auden releaves some of the pressure of her expanding body. She's mad at the witch for doing this to her, so she decides to eat the rest of the candy and grow even bigger to get back at her! In the end a forced perspective view shows Auden getting taller as she tears her shirt free. Lots of dialogue in this one, some sound effects, and it was Auden's idea all on her own to have her belly expanding!

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