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The Emmy-Lu and Annie Collection

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The Emmy-Lu and Annie Collection
Running Time:
10.5 Minutes

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Description :     Two videos at one lower price! Why are we bringing back these classics like this? Well Annie is returning to Canadian Giantess after a very long time from WAY back in 2007! See where it all began before the new releases become available.


Emmy-Lu and Annie - Playful Tank Destruction

More of a playtime between two friends than a serious and angry GTS crush video, Emmy-Lu and Annie enjoy stomping two tanks with some army men to protect their home town, and then sweeping them up. Only trouble is, did they capture the right army?

Emmy-Lu and Annie - Homework Squish Break

After a night of homework, two friends find two shrunken classmates on the floor. Unfortunately for the duo, these girls love to torment shrunken people! Emmy and Annie take a break to feel them struggle under their bare feet.

Please note that these videos feature black bars down the sides as displayed in the trailer. Being older videos they are a different resolution than our newer content.

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