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Demonic Exam 3

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Demonic Exam 3
Running Time:
26 Pages

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Tags: shrinking, mouth play, handheld, erotic, feet, comic, boobs
Description :     It seems that when involved with Demons, life just can't ever be normal. Especially when that Demon has a penchant for shrinking you for every little slight she assumes you've made. Poor (or is it lucky?) Zhi having to put up with the roller coaster of events ever since Maya appeared. Things don't get much better even after the ministry of education puts the conflicting exams on hold after Miss Alice sends notice of the contradiction. All Zhi wanted was to go home and get cleaned up after such a messy day; steamy naked women, fires, and inside Death's mouth! Instead he finds himself yet again in a position that puts him at the mercy of his otherworldly visitors who just can't seem to get enough of him, in Demonic exam 3: The Game of God's Love.

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