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Gigante Lake 2

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Gigante Lake 2
Running Time:
21 Hi Res Pages,

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Description :     How big do these girls want to get!? The sexy models of Gigante Lake continue their growth competition, sexy sweet Candy is almost as big as dominant Carlotta and getting bigger! Their boyfriends are having all the sexual fun they can handle with these growing girls! What will the new visitors to the cabin bring besides two more very sexy girls? This comic has Giantess, breast growth, clothes ripping, beauty enhancement, slow growth over time and fast growth, growth during sex, 3 way sex with 2 sexy amazons and one normal well endowed man, cumshot on face, cumshot on face and breasts, ass worship, oral sex, shower sex, and more! Growth is caused by Gigante Drink. All characters 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Written by ZZZ, art by HSefra. Collectors Edition is Gigante Sized, 9 bonus images! Four full color page previews of the upcoming spaceship set giantess comic Spaced Hunters drawn by HSefra and Delanty! See the giantess converting dildo shaped tail alien in action, some male oral sex to mini giantess and a giantess having her way with a mini giantess! Also included are Gigante Lake 2 sketch pages featuring sex with mini giantess, ink page featuring cum shot on face and breasts of mini giantess, character designs, advanced full color preview of the classic ZZZ story Power Sauce coming to comic book format, and advanced full color preview of AGW Enforcers showing the biggest giantess in the AGW series yet!

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