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time travel hunters 2

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time travel hunters 2
Running Time:
24 Pages

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Tags: Mini Giantess, Micro, Ships, Deep Pussy Pov
Description :     This story tells things about Super bitch Daji in Shang dynasty of China during ancient time. It's different with Time Hunter chapter 1, It is no longer a sketch style story. The story is more flirting,Thanks for Kaser to color my story, Maybe she is not proficiency enough somewhere,But plz give her more time,I believe she will grow up through more practices. The story is about The 21st hunter team which is all compose by women.Their task is not to capture the ancient girl. Instead, they are going to punish those who do evil with own beauty. But need to emphasize that this is likely to make someone dislike: Daji has dense anal seta .I think the rest of contents will be accepted except that.

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