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Destroy The Shrink Lab

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Destroy The Shrink Lab
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Tags: pov, feet, handheld, cleavage, shoe fetish
Description :     Part 1 of Prison Break ended with me leaving you a mangled mess after stomping on you. I return in Part 2 (POV) to find you still alive. Just before I finish you off you have something to say. You tell me where the shrink lab and scientists are. I gather the information, then suffocate you under my foot for good. Later, I find the lab. I capture the helpless security guard and take him with me. I locate the scientists and toy and taunt with them before crushing and sofficating them under my high heels. I realize I let the security guard witness the crimes so I get rid of him as well. I toy with him in my mouth then throw him down to be suffocated under my sexy giantess soles.

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