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Bug Problems 2

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Bug Problems 2
Running Time:
17 minutes

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Tags: pov, unaware, feet, crush, micro, booty, sfx
Description :     After a long day at the studio, Danielle Trixie decides its time for a nap. she is however unaware that nearby, a large colony of diminutive explorers who swept in from an alternate dimension where they are but the size of ants compared to humans, have made their way to her body and have found it to be an irresistible living landscape. as the tinies begin to perform deep explorations, Danielle wakes up. she angrily brushes off her tiny intruders and decides to begin squishing them under finger, foot and butt. curious, Danielle decides to follow a few survivors to their lair. to her surprise. she discover a tiny city made of a paper-like material the tiny dwellers have made their home. Danielle decides, they must go, and cruelly levels their civilization underneath her gigantic size. If you like feet crush, nose succion, vore, butt crush, butt vore, vaginal tiny ejection and goddess exploration, this one is it!
Optic Dreams Production

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