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Office Intern Growth

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Office Intern Growth
Running Time:
7 Minutes

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Tags: Growth, giantess, clothes rip, Velvets, shoe break, clothes rip
Description :     Jacquelyn Velvets stars in this custom video, she is an overworked intern in an office, sitting in a chair at a desk with a computer. Wearing a long sleeved button up shirt, skirt, open toed shoes, and a bra and panties (black and purple are good colors if you can find them), and a ponytail. During one of her few five minute breaks she's cruising the internet when she finds a link that promises to "make your life more interesting". She clicks on it right away, but then nothing happens. She is disappointed about nothing happening and get back to work, there are close up shots of her clothes tightening (feet sliding forward in her shoes, hem of her skirt rising up your leg, front of the shirt tightening across her chest, etc.) At first her are disappointed that nothing happened and get back to work, but soon she realizes her clothes have gotten a lot tighter. After a moment of confusion, her growth picks up and she soon realizes what is happening. As her clothing tears off, she isn't too happy about it (grunts, moans, but not like crying). At some point her hair falls down. Plenty of close up of the clothes tearing apart, shoes breaking, buttons popping off, shirt tearing up the back, stuff like that, until she stands up and all the rags fall off, besides her underwear. Now standing, her bra finally pops apart in the front and falls off, soon followed by her panties snapping, leaving her at twice your normal height and naked as the growth ends. Relieved its over, she give yourself a look over to see how she looks and also look around to see if anyone was watching. After a quick pat down to make sure she's all in once piece, you feel pretty confident now that you're so tall. You holler to your boss that you quit and walk out of the office.

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