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Giantess Nikkis Booming Footsteps POV

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Giantess Nikkis Booming Footsteps POV
Running Time:
4 minutes

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Description :     You're hiding amongst the few buildings left in a city a giant cheerleader has already stomped around. It seems like you're the only one left but that may change fast when high above the giantess sees you! Her booming voice echos overhead as she demands you clean her boot. She realizes how useless this is as her footsteps shake your world with rumbling booms. Nikki gives you a chance though after asking for your last words. She lets you hop up in her hand and holds you up near her face. In the end you're placed back on the ground but feeling so lost you don't run away from her even though it seems like she's letting you get away. Finally you're crushed under her boot with a crunching splat. Sound effects throughout as her steps shake the camera.

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