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Ruined Halloween Party Micro SALE

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Ruined Halloween Party Micro SALE
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Description :     Aleksandra and Witchy were so frusterated with their friends, they've already shrunken them all down to micro size. Their friends didn't come to their Halloween party and instead went to someone elses. So now that they have them micro sized, they decide to get revenge on them. The first is torn apart in Witchy's hands and then finished by Aleksandra's hands. Another is squashed under Alek's pitchfork, another stepped on by Witchy's fishnet stockinged foot, and one other is eaten by Witchy (chewed a bit, no open mouth views, then swallowed) The rest mostly are squished by the girls hands. All the scenes are pretty brief but there is a lot of variety in this one and it's pretty different than usual.

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