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My Eyes, My Mouth

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My Eyes, My Mouth
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Tags: Extreme close-up, POV, eyes, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, face fetish, jerk-off encouragement, jerk-off instruction, masturbation instruction, brunette, brown eyes, natural look, natural lips,�dirty�talk, COUNTDOWN
Description :     Giantess Jamie wants to look at you up close. She invites you to look deep into her big brown eyes and to stare at her sexy mouth. She knows this turns you on. You wonder what it would be like to be inside of her wet mouth or to get lost in her big brown eyes. She gets so close to you that you can see every little vein in her eye. You get lost in those deep irises. She pulls her lips apart and shows you her gums. Every vein on display. Her wet mouth is so enticing. What would it be like to just crawl up inside her. You are so close to her face,... you can't stand it. Your so aroused and she knows this. She encourages you to stroke it to your heart's delight. Jamie is turned on that her mouth and eyes make you hard. She encourages you to pump your little member. She's watching you jerk off with those big brown eyes. You stroke it until you can't contain yourself anymore. She wants to see you cum, so she gives you a countdown.... 5, 4, 3, 2,.....

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