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Double Delicious

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Double Delicious
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: VORE, MOUTH FETISH, AMAZONS, SHRINKING FETISH, TALL WOMEN, jasmine mendez, sarah diavola, brat princess, eating
Description :     How do all these little people keep getting into my rooms? Yet another one is sneaking around while Jasmine Mendez and I are trying to romp around in our tiny lingerie. How rude! It looks like he's in for a real treat - by being OUR treat. Don't run away, little teeny man, because it's futile anyway! We are bigger, and therefore much faster than you. Every mile you run is equal to a single step for us. Don't fight it - you won't win. We torment you with our giant feet and towering bodies, millions of miles above you. We tease you with ideas on how we would end you and exactly what you might taste like - or feel like crushed beneath our toes. Finally, we decide to pick you up in between our mighty fingers, lifting you high into the sky up to our faces. We lick our lips and salivate as we discuss how to best divide you up. We're getting more excited, the more we talk about the sights, sounds, and tastes we're about to enjoy at your body's expense. Finally, our mouths gape open before you, revealing your future grave. Your screams are but faint echoes in the caverns of our throats, and we split you up between us. After we methodically and eagerly devour you, we feel you travel down our throats, into our stomachs, and inside of our bodies. We get little grumbles and burps as you wiggle your way against our soft insides and start to be digested. Rubbing our bellies, we remark on what a small snack you are - and how bad we really, really want more to eat. Let's look around for more of those little things......

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