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Velvets Tiny Foot Fan POV

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Velvets Tiny Foot Fan POV
Running Time:
5 minutes

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Description :     You're a fan of Velvets who has always been interested in her feet. You've already managed to shrink yourself down and now you're at ground level with what you desire. Unable to contain yourself you bump right into her foot and Velvets notices you right away! She's pretty understanding and figures out you're a fan of hers right away. She lets you massage her feet and even lets you lick them a bit before she begins playing rougher, trying to smother you with her soles. You pull back a bit, but only to see what she'll do. As you hoped, by the end Velvets is fed up and plans to punish you. Even when you agree that you want to be punished, she still steps down on you after she stands up, bringing her sole over top of you and squashing you under it.

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