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Demonic Exam 4

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Demonic Exam 4
Running Time:
26 Pages

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Tags: shrinking, mouth play, handheld, erotic, insertion, comic,
Description :     Wen Zhi decides to defy death and try to escape the cruel game of tiny torture, he soon discovers that he has only made things worse! The Lovely Lela is not to be denied her fun. Maya's punishment suddenly, though inadvertently, becomes personal when both Lela and Miss Alice begin to take advantage of Zhi's body for their own selfish pleasure. Returned to his former size, they begin to prey on him to fulfill sexual desires, while a still shrunken Maya can do nothing but watch as things unfold. However, that is until she starts to realize she's enjoying herself too... So it's through some unexpected twist, desperation, and magic! that the three instantly find Maya suddenly at the helm of what was suppose to be her punishment! Now it's time to show them all why she's called the prodigy of Demonic High!

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