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Demonic Exam 2

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Demonic Exam 2
Running Time:
26 Pages

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Tags: shrinking, mouth play, handheld, erotic, Comic
Description :     Being a demon has its ups and downs. That's something that demonic schoolgirl Maya found out first hand when she came to earth for her lust-driven Demonic Exam. And even for the unique circumstances, things took a turn for the unusual when her clothing was suddenly burned after a steamy shower with the target of her exam. Unknown to her, there was another exam going on, one that was shaping up to sabotage her own! After all, how can you talk Death out of giving up a mark?! And then there's poor Zhi, the boy caught up between these two girls and their crazy otherworldly exams! Watch them fight over him, tease him, and shrink him over and over in Demonic Exam 2: Death's Terrible Proposal!

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