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The Big Elf

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The Big Elf
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23 Hi Res Pages,

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Description :     Ellawen and Gunthar are back in a full size comic loaded with size changing adventure! This time their travels lead them through a miriad of nods to other ZZZ Comics including Colossal Size Cheat, Pixie No More, and Edge of Humanity! Ellawen experiments with Edge root which leaves her Humanity at the door, Gun uses some pixie dust which leaves a bordello girl tall No More, and finally Ellawen Cheats on Gun with Joren the apothecary and they have a growth competition during sex thanks to a Colossal Size potion! This comic contains FMG, GTS, Mini GTS, male height, muscle and penis growth, Shrinking Woman, clothes ripping, shoe busting, building destruction from growth, shrinking out of clothes, normal size man head being squeezed between mini giantess amazon thighs, rough sex, normal size man giving oral to mini giantess, mini giantess giving oral to normal size man, penis size growth during oral sex, woman shrinking during sex, two shrunken women sexual activities with each other on cock, cum shot on face and chest, and more! Growth and shrinking is caused by Edge Root, Colossal potion and Pixie dust. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3600. Written by ZZZ, line art by HSefra, colors by Francesca Piscitelli. Collectors Edition is 55 pages and includes all 23 normal pages as well as the 23 pages without text. A 3 stage FMG growth sequence of Summer from My GTS Ex Girlfriend by Oscar Celestini, sketch page featuring male height, muscle and penis growth, ink page featuring cumshot on face and head squeezing of man by powerful amazon thighs, ink page featuring male human and female elf growth competition during sex, advanced pencil preview of UV Me, a male and female muscle/height growth comic featuring scrawny Gerald with sexy athletic Dedra having sex, advanced full color preview of Colossal Size Cheat 2 featuring the returning characters growing enormous while destroying property as they grow, advanced full color preview of Pixie No More 4 featuring Queen Marella growing big and using Sir Grindalot as her sex toy, and advanced full color preview of Edge of Humanity 3 featuring Amazon Amber and new amazon Monica both giving oral sex to lucky truck driver Rod at the same time!

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