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Slow and painful crush

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Slow and painful crush
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Description :     Princess Nicole has a little lazy slave. His duty is to lick the sweaty dirty feet of his mistress. But even with these duties little slave copes very bad and he deserves to be punished. A little lazy slave lies on the floor and preparing for the upcoming punishment, he had better to lick tired feet of his mistress. Princess Nicole stands on a slave with both bare feet. It's very heavy and painful punishment for a little man. She is walking all over his tiny body and breaking his bones. A little slave is desperately screaming and gasping as much pressure on his body. Princess Nicole so excited to see how a slave is slowly dying in terrible agony beneath her feet and she massages her pussy. Finally Nicole stands on the head of a slave and his skull begins to break under the extreme pressure of her bodyweight. The slave's head turned into a bl00dy pulp and Princess Nicole got satisfaction.

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