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Keri Spectrum in Population Control

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Keri Spectrum in Population Control
Running Time:
6 minutes

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Tags: crush, ant size, vore, hand held, Keri Spectrum, Magic
Description :     This was a custom request Keri Spectrum finds a magic rock that only grants one wish, and she remembers how much she likes to squish ants but she wants to hear them scream and beg, so then she thought if people got shrunk they'd scream and beg, so she rubs the Rock and wishes that everyone in the world except her would shrink to the size of a bug, later she walks on the sidewalk and sees shrunken people and then she says, "wow I guess my wish came true, well little people one moment you were normal sized and then poof your the size of little bugs, and guess what? I love squishing bugs so you'd better run scream and beg for your lives" so she steps and stomps and she says " I'm having fun so far, I lov e being bigger then all of you, so let's see how far you bugs can run before my foot squishes you into the ground" then she goes home and finds her two brothers shrunk and she says " you guys might be my brothers but to me your just teeny tiny little bugs that need to be delt with, can you guess what I'm gonna do?, well I wanna know what you taste like" so she picks them up and eats them. don't be fooled by the short clip time this clip has a total of 9 FX crushes and 4 people get eaten FX.

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