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My favorite teacher

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My favorite teacher
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Description :     Jamie is a teacher in high school. She loves her work and does not like the bad students. One of the bad students upset Jamie his bad test result. The witch teacher decides to punish the lazy student and shrunk him. Now her student became insignificant little man. Now a small student must to learn something more. He must learn to lick feet of his teacher or she can easily squash him like a bug. Jamie walked all day in shoes and we can see her dirty feet. She makes a small student to lick her sweaty and dirty soles and toejam between the toes. Jamie finally decided to crush the little pitiful student who does not do anything good. She slowly lifts her foot and sharply steps to her student who cringed in fear. Jamie sits on the couch and says that she does not feel sorry for stupid student who was smeared over her sole.

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