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The Cam Models Request

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The Cam Models Request
Running Time:
15 minutes

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Tags: Elexis Jayde, growing, pantyhose rip, foot growth, growth, giantess, nylons, growhaus, cam model, giantess growth, toes, webcam, feet, pantyhose, stockings
Description :     Elexis has been doing some cam model work for a little side money. She received a package from someone interested in her making them a custom video..but there's an odd request. The client sent a bottle for her to drink before she started filming. She starts filming the video as she normally would. After a few minutes she starts to feel her shoes getting tighter. She continues filming herself as normal until her feet burst out of her shoes and she notices her pantyhose are ripping down her thighs. She begins to get scared and starts growing right in front of the camera. She grows out of all her clothes and grows to the ceiling.A mix of web cam footage as well as recorded footage. Please enjoy!!

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