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Galaxy Of Giants 3

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Galaxy Of Giants 3
Running Time:
28 minutes

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Tags: pov, handheld, cage, doll, feet, erotic, Saryhe
Description :     This was a Custom Sahrye is mad scientist who created a shrink ray. She had shrunk four people and left them in a cage (one of them a couple). She went to go out to shrink more people so she can do experiment on them and the remainders sell them off. The little people had some how escaped and trying to get help. Sahrye comes in and finds out that the little's are gone. Angrily she searches the house to look for them. She finds one of them (the female doll) and goes to look for the remanding three. One of the males (the one with a girlfriend) is infatuated with Sahrye (especially her feet) and cannot stop looking at her and she is holding the shrunken prisoner in her hand looking around the house. Sahrye finally decides to take her shoes off to be comfortable and then takes the female dolls's clothes off. She then licks the little doll's breasts and licks between her legs, getting both her and the little woman all riled up. Looking to see if any of the men come out, she spots the male doll peering out from the (couch, chair, door, doesn't matter) and goes to pick him up. She notices he has an erection, so she pulls down his pants and licks between his "crotch" to tease him." She puts them back in the cage and let's them have sex. She then goes looking for the next two. She's them talking under a table (coming up with an escape plan). She then sits down carefully and puts' both of her feet on top of the female. She drags her a little closer to her. She tells the little man that if he doesn't do what she says she will crush her under feet. Sahrye's feet are gentle on top of her but she won't hesitate to pressure. She notices how cute the little man is and also notices how badly he as foot fetish. She then picks him up and his girlfriend from under feet. They then go inside. She picks up the female and puts her in cleavage. She then tells the guy that he is going to be boyfriend whether he likes it or not. She kisses them and licks him. She then takes him, facing the camera and puts her big toe (or between her toe) between his legs. She comments saying how her big toe (or toe) is his dick and let's him ride her toes for a little bit.She then lifts him up (still facing the camera) and takes her two fingers holding his arms, while still on her big toe or between her toes and rubs it her toe between his legs, going really fast. When he cums, she says "good boy" and then gets up. She puts both of them in the cage and goes back out to try to shrink more people.

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