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Swallowed Down Your Sisters Throat SFX and POV

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Swallowed Down Your Sisters Throat SFX and POV
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Description :     Here it is! Our first POV featuring a CGI throat scene that leads down into landing inside Milena's stomach. It doesn't end there either! You actually hear the sloshing as you find yourself in the hot humid belly of your sister. The whole SFX scene lasts for about fourty seconds of the video with the rest being the kind of vore POV you've come to love from us. Milena also rubs her tummy, letting you see where you will be going, and showing off the inside of her mouth as she prepares to eat you! You've pestered her quite a bit and she's fed up of her brother asking to be shrunk by her, so she decides to eat you for good! Even that idea doesn't scare you though. In the end she realizes mom wouldn't be happy with her for not using her magic to teleport you out of her belly as the video ends with her rubbing her tummy.

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