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Lost at Remis FX Climb

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Lost at Remis FX Climb
Running Time:
6 minutes

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Description :    

Remi Is waiting for her Boyfriend to meet her at her Dorm and he is late but actually he has somehow shrunk and is on Remi's floor trying to get her attention. She is on the phone and finally gets up off the couch and walks around a bit and you hear the booms of her footsteps. Once she stops walking her boyfriend decides to climb up her body to get her attention. you will see him climb her sexy body in POV and FX shots. HE takes a break in her belly button and then hangs on her bra and panties for a bit. finally he makes it to her shoulder and she does see him but she thinks he is a bug and knocks him off to the ground and crushes him underfoot.


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