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Hanging Out With 2 Hungry Giantess Youre an upside down meatsicle

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Hanging Out With 2 Hungry Giantess Youre an upside down meatsicle
Running Time:
20 minutes

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Description :     You asked Gypsy if you could hang out with her, and she said "SURE!" Little did you know that you'd be "hanging" literally. Gypsy has shrunk you to about a foot tall, and you're dangling just above Gypsy's hungry mouth. Her wide open mouth ascends from below, like a Great White shark attacking a swimming seal. Your head plunges into her throat again and again. Then Mystique stops by and sees what's happening and wants to join in. Now you have two giant girls taking turns as they mash your face onto their slippery tongue and into their throats. Mystique decides to play some games and challenges Gypsy to try to catch your head inside her jaws before she pulls him away. Then they compete to see who's mouth is bigger and who can swallow you down the farthest. These two Giantess' really know how to have fun, at YOUR expense.

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