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Cadence Lux The Cheerleader's Punishment SFX

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Cadence Lux The Cheerleader's Punishment SFX
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Tags: Giantess SFX, Sound FX, Music, Foot worship, Sock Smelling, Foot Crush.
Description :     In this SFX Quickie bratty snotty head cheerleader Cadence has never been good in classes. Always failing and only really caring about banging the football players and going out partying. Because of this she's been warned she may get kicked out of school. So she's been blackmailing the nerdy girls in her class to do her work for her so she can pass her classes. Unfortunately Vicky messed up her last assignment and Cadence failed it. Cadence was furious and decided she had to shrink her. We pick up the story right after Cadence is returning home after cheerleading a double overtime game. She is going to make Vicky suffer for failing her assignment. She pulls her out of her bag and puts her on the table. She wants to really torture her first by making her sniff her sweaty black socks. She laughs as Vicky's face is disgusted by the stench. She then peels off the sweaty socks and orders Vicky to start licking and worshiping her stinky bare soles. Vicky's tongue tries to cover as much as she can but being so small only gets he just above her heels. Cadence isn't happy with the job she's doing and decides she will get the same treatment as every other nerd girl before her and decides to crush her under her foot.

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