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Exploring Witchys Feet POV

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Exploring Witchys Feet POV
Running Time:
11 minutes

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Description :     You're at Witchy's feet on her bed while she reads far in the distance. Contently you wander over and begin exploring her upturned soles. Shortly afterwards you up on on her leg and wander up her body. On her shoulder she notices you though and you fall off onto the bed. She doesn't seem offended really but seems to think it's rude. As she talks to you she notices your eyes drifting down to her foot. So she takes her time and shows the one off to you, letting you check it out. Witchy eventually gets to the point where she thinks you've had enough of a look and tries to talk to you about it. This is far too good of a chance though so you go back to looking, not knowing if you'll get this close to a huge girls foot again, being able to look it over with her permission. She starts teasing with the idea of bringing it closer to you though and you run away a bit. Witchy continues and eventually shows you both her feet. You get far too wrapped up into the moment though and try to push your way under her left foot, that finally is too rude for Witchy and she decides to teach you a lesson. So she chases you back towards the edge of the bed and steps on you quite a bit before squishing you and you slowly black out. Just to note, there is a small spot on the lens throughout the video which is why its slightly discounted.

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