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The Dark Intentions Of Tenshi POV

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The Dark Intentions Of Tenshi POV
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     Another twisted tale with Tenshi as she finds a tiny person wandering on the steps she's sitting on. When she notices you however, Tenshi realizes she can do whatever she wants with you. Curious what it would be like to finish a tiny person she considers crushing you. Meanwhile you actually wanted to just see her feet. Things take a turn for the worst when she slides off her sandals, wanting to feel you under her toes. Tenshi eventually thinks she's hurt you pretty bad, but you're fine. You get lots of great views of her feet but as she steps down again and again, you finally make your escape. Later on Tenshi has caught up to you, out of breath she tells you off and explains what she will do to you before once again taking off her sandals. Tenshi sits down on a nearby bench and holds her now dirty bare foot over you and steps down upon you to squash you this time. Her final step is replayed again in advanced slow motion.

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