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School Project Pests

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School Project Pests
Running Time:
5 minutes

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Tags: barefoot, feet, crush, soles, shrunken people, shrunken men, gore, blood, special effects, sound effects, toes, ebony, teen, school girl, micro, squish
Description :     Starring the beautiful 18 year old Arie!
When a high school project outlives its usefulness and begins causing trouble, Arie has little choice but to rid the house of her experiment to apease her Mom. Taking them outside to the sidewalk, Arie elimates her tiny running and screaming classmates with her massive bare feet! Who knew science could be this much fun?

- Over 40 shrunken people are squished, crushed, and exterminated!
- Featuring tons of super slow motion POVs and incredible close ups!
- Massive amounts of thunderous footsteps - including during the POVs!
- Towering Views, graphic squishes, and realistic sound effects.
- Contains a scene with over 40 shrunken people mashed to Arie's soles.
- Made by Tristan, Katelyn's prior main FX artist of over seven years
- Contains a surprise FX tease of one of Tristan's other upcoming film!

Hey there! I'm Tristan, Katelyn Brooks' former main FX artist and web developer of over seven years. If you've enjoyed my work in the past (Midnight Goddess, Hungry Unaware Wife, Garden of a Giantess, Katelyn vs. Ant Men) and would like to see me continue making giantess films and building awesome giantess websites, then buy this clip today!

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