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Merry Squishmas 2009

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Merry Squishmas 2009
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Description :     Includes three stories! Beginning with "Sarah's Squishmas POV" It's been two years since Sarah found a shrunken village under her Christmas tree. Over that time, she's been in an asylum since no one would believe her. Now she's out, and her friend Jaz is having a Christmas sleep over with her so she doesn't have to be alone. You find the two of them as Sarah is explaining the situation to Jaz, and finally Sarah sees you and points you out to her friend. Lots of dialogue as they consider what to do with you and try to grab you before finally putting you on the floor and quickly squishing you under their bare feet. There are some very brief vore scenes too, but the main focus of this one is on story and feeling small to these two girls that tower over you. 8min 11sec Next "Mini-Exploring Jaz's Body POV" introduces Jaz in a shorter than usual body exploration POV. Jaz is new and this is just a cute shy introduction... before she quickly almost gulps you down, closing her lips in front of you. 1min 43sec. Finally we wrap up with "Cooking With Aleksandra" who is now known as Pixxi. This one is not a POV. Aleks is in her kitchen, cooking up two tiny people she's captured. She cooks them up and then puts them on a plate, walking off while poking them with a fork and thats where this short ends. She is NOT shown eating them. This one is all her idea and her gift to you. 2min 18sec.

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